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Jacobs Productions is an independent European label with its headquarters in Berlin. The well-known creative workshop stands for original, intoxicating cinema that finds a global audience.

The focus of the stories are genuine characters who move people because they tell stories about real life.

JACOBS PROD. has been responsible for 4 exceptional, high-profile feature films to date, that are acclaimed by a global fan community. Timo Jacobs functioned as the director, writer, dramatist and producer and he started as an actor 20 years ago. Nowadays he is working for the german cinema, beside starting his films on several film festivals worldwide, he also worked with the german tv stations.

His debut feature film KLAPPE COWBOY! premiered at the Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis in Saarbrücken. It won the „Audience Price“ for best direction at ACHTUNG BERLIN – New Berlin Film Award Festival, and 2 Awards at the Deposhir Film Festival in St. Petersburg Russia and the Louisville International Festival in the USA. Timo Jacobs’s second motion picture, MANN IM SPAGAT – PACE, COWBOY, PACE (“Pace, cowboy, Pace”), won the festival price at the ARFF Filmfest in Berlin and the award for the “Best Comedy Feature” at the CIFF in Ottawa, Canada. Also the movie received two honourable mentions at the Queens World Filmfest in NYC. The Hollywood Reporter Magazine selected „Pace, Cowboy‚ Pace to one of the top ten absurd comedies of the last ten years. Jacobs was nominated at the BVR (German Federal Association of Directors) in 2017.

The movie STAND UP! Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places, started its world premiere at the 21th Beverly Hills Filmfest and won the Audience Award. The film won over 40 movie awards worldwide.

The production company is currently working on 2 feature films titled „Universal Lullaby(AT)“ and „Transplantis (AT)“. The script for Universal Lullaby got founded by MBB and Transplantis by the BKM.

2022 Director Reel

Timo Jacobs


Before starting his career in the film industry, and during his studies of nutrition, Timo Jacobs was a DJ, a professional BMX driver and a wholesaler for US companies rolled into one. In 2009, Jacobs and Klaus Lemke led a seminar on American independent film at DFFB, the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. Jacobs has made five films with Klaus Lemke so far.

As a producer, Timo Jacobs takes part in all phases of the film’s development, from the idea to the final production. He manages and controls the entire development process of the cinematic works and coordinates the evaluation and marketing of the finished product. Over 20 years, Timo Jacobs has gained experience with environmental projects for Greenpeace, corporate films, music videos, commercials, short films and feature films. He is always interested in building on these experiences.

Anyone who thinks that German cinema is as dead as German theatre should definitely not see “Klappe Cowboy!” This film is too romantic, funny and serious to be true. Thank you, Timo Jacobs – and by the way, can I have your lead actress's phone number?

Maxim Biller

Director, lead actor and producer Timo Jacobs is a kind of modern Don Quixote who proves that the filmmaking spirit of Fassbinder, Schroeter, Lemke and Co. is still very much alive.


Cowboy (Jacobs himself) is a “man in a balancing act”. “Pace, Cowboy, Pace” is delightful if you like quirky, absurd humour. Cowboy's “free-swinging” world is full of bizarre figures who utter wonderful bits of philosophical wisdom. Don't let anybody say nature conservation isn't sexy!

Maike Schade

A Jacobs film?
Thomas Vinterberg's DEAR WENDY to the Marx Brothers and Peter Sellers.


Filmography as active production company



Competition entry
Short film



Feature motion picture


Zärtliche Momente (Tender Moments)
Competition entry, short film


Ambassadorial activities
Wanted: Climate Heroes!


Pace, Cowboy, Pace
Feature Movie

2019- 2021

Was bleibt, wenn alles weg ist
Feature Movie


Schönheit der Krise

Stand Up!
Was bleibt, wenn alles weg ist

Benches of Berlin
Schönheit der Krise

Mann im Spagat
Pace, Cowboy, Pace
(Feature motion picture)

(Feature motion picture)

Zärtliche Momente
(Competition entry)

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